What I Learned From Taking American Civilization 1700

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At the beginning of the semester I wrote an assignment addressing what I wanted to learn from taking American Civilization 1700. I went through the course syllabus and I chose skills that I thought were important for me to know better as well as important to my future career as a teacher. Two skills that I did not list that I wanted to work on were comparing and contrasting. Comparing and contrasting are two skills that I thought I was quite good at and had no problems with. When it came to do the Written Assignment #2 Compare and Contrast Essay, I found out that I was mistaken in my assumption. I struggled and had to obtain help from the professor on what there was to compare and contrast between the two documents the essay was about. After the professor helped and guided me, I was able to learn how to properly compare the similarities and contrast the differences between two different documents. I chose to post my first written assignment as my signature assignment on my personal eportfolio because I am proud of how it turned out and I feel it was the assignment I learned the most from. I didn’t just learn to compare and contrast, I learned to interpret old documentation and references, I learned that the same time frame in history, for example, the immigration period that the assignment covered, can have two very different perspectives. The paper I wrote had both strength and weaknesses. The strengths were, I did a good job at finding thing to compare and contrast, but
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