What I Learned From This Course

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I would like to begin my Essay explaining all that I learned from this course. The first thing I learned was my Learning Patterns and how to use them not only in my course through school but my everyday life. Learning how my brain-mind connection work’s best for me. In this course, I was able to learn how I was already using my Learning Patterns before I even knew what they were and how valuable they are to myself and my future goals. I learned where I may use one pattern more than the other, or where and when to use patterns I wasn’t aware of.
Learning my patterns has extremely helped me with this course and my future courses. My LCI scores, Sequence (33), Precision (34), Technical Reasoning (18), and Confluence (21) has helped me in knowing when and where to apply my patterns. I will use my Sequence when I want or need clear directions on a topic when I am doing a project it will enable me to do it correctly from beginning to end. I will use my Precision to guide me on asking a lot of questions when I want written documentation of my results and clear and complete directions to any task. I will use my Technical Reasoning to look for practicality and relevance and to figure out how things work. My Confluence when I need to take a risk or need to do something over and over. I have learned to interact all of my Patterns exactly where they are needed and use them in my everyday world, and they make a lot of sense. Analyzing the benefits of my unique combination of…

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