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Let’s begin with how English has never been one of my stronger skills. I can speak it perfectly fine, but when it comes to writing papers, it is always quite difficult for me. Overall, I can say I have put forth more time and effort in this class than any of my other classes. There are areas that I would like to improve in, but as well areas that I believe I have done well. One of these areas would be essay writing and following the MEAL plan. Throughout the semester, I have developed skills that helped me improve on my writing. These skills are revision, free writing, and transitions. During English 111, I took attending class very seriously. I believed that not attending class would only put me behind, but would also cause a snowball effect and never allow me to catch back up; therefore, I rarely missed class. When it came to being actively engaged in the classroom, I would say that I wasn’t as talkative as I probably would have liked to only because of my shy personality; however, next semester I would like to participate more and be more out spoken when it comes to answering and asking questions so I can get the most out of the class. I did my best to come prepared to class, bringing with me things such as my notebook, pencil, and a laptop or papers that may have been due that day.…show more content…
The resources I used to improve on these skills were www.Writingcenter.com, www.Becomeawritertoday.com https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/561/05/ ,. From all these skills I believe I improved the most on my revision skills. This source (https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/561/05/) helped me by giving me a seven step process of doing a revision of my paper, such as saving the best pieces and cleaning up my language. I actually used these steps to create this paper. I will include a before and after revision picture

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