What I Learned In Early Childhood Education

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I am in love with teaching children. They are always excited to see me and ready to learn every day. Each child is different and unique and learns in certain ways, and I enjoy figuring out specific ways to teach them and help them learn. I am not the kind of teacher everyone thinks of, the typical hair down, pencil skirt and heels, it is more like hair up, karate uniform on, and the black belt tied. I have been taking karate ever since I was seven years old. My parents have been in the martial arts for thirty-one years and have taught me all that I know. After years of long training and many belt tests later, the summer of 2015, I finally achieved one of my biggest goals, which was earning my black belt. Karate is something that I live for, something…show more content…
While learning in school, kids don't get to interact with the teacher and get to know them personally, but with my job, I get to learn so many unique things about so many different kids it is wonderful. I listen to the kids tell me stories about their day and sometimes they take decades to tell me, but I always listen because I know it means a lot to them. We all talk and get to know each other a little better before class starts. Once class starts, there are continuous smiles on their faces the whole time. As they run, jump, kick,and punch, they are laughing and having the time of their life and I enjoy seeing that they are learning and training to be better. One of my favorite things about teaching karate is that I get to see the different changes that kids go through because of the things that I have taught them. I love to see the kids faces light up when they finally got a technique that they have been struggling with. This is what I want to do with my life. I want to help others, I want to inspire them to be great and learn the thing that I am most passionate about,
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