What I Learned In My Writing

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This semester I believe my writing has improved and expanded immensely this semester, which I am very grateful for. In late 2015, I was tasked with writing a press release for Girls Inc. and I struggled organizing and structuring a press release. At first, our first press release assignment was a challenge. I was having trouble getting into the swing of things. However, when I wrote the press release for this final project, it was a breeze writing and the organization of the piece came naturally. I think this is because of all of our practice writing this semester. My understanding of press releases, their purpose, and the planning behind press releases has deepened and I think this will benefit me in my career. I enjoyed the beginning of the semester when we compared bad and good press releases. I think this gives a good idea of the direction to go when writing press releases and what works and what doesn’t.…show more content…
I have difficult writing opinion pieces such as the trump essay or the speech assignment. I have learned that I prefer writing the facts rather than writing my feelings. However, I think putting myself in these uncomfortable writing situations strengthen my writing ability and I was able to think differently, which I believe helped me write better. For example, I have never written an opinionated speech. I struggled at first trying to find a topic I was passionate about and even when I found that topic, I was difficult for me to put my opinion into a speech. In the start of that speech, I focused more on facts rather than how I feel. However, through this semester, I found that these more opinionated and passionate speeches can be the best rather than just a speech full of
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