What I Learned In This Class

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It has truly been a pleasure being apart of this class and a blessing. I’ve strengthen my written and learned more about life by being in this class and having you as a teacher. Professor Lyn you have made me push myself more than any of my other college professors this school year. Hearing and knowing about how precise and hard you are when you grade your student’s work had me coming into this class with the mindset of knowing that I have to work my hardest to achieve an high grade in this class. My weaknesses in my writings before this class were my punctuations and grammar choice at times. My strengths that I’ve always had when writing was being able analyze my readings extremely well and always being able brainstorm great ideas to put down…show more content…
Witnessing that black men have been looked at as less masculine because they show emotions, love women besides their mothers, and because they took the college route instead of the streets. Many men get their impression on what masculinity is from rappers who don’t live the lives they say they live in their songs. I even fell victim to the nonsense such as calling my penis a name like “monster” or “python.” I did that thinking it was okay and masculine but it was really ignorant and disrespectful to me and my ancestors. You’ve made me realize that black men have took stereotypes that has been placed against us and tried to make into something that’s “cool” and that has hindered our community. All in all Professor Lyn being in your class has taught me valuable life lessons, and has made me push myself even more to work harder. My vernacular has improved and my understanding on rape culture and masculinity for black men have strengthened tremendously. This course to me is exactly what a college course is suppose to be about. Actually teaching your students educational lessons and life lessons, things that they’ll never forget. Thank you for everything, and making me into a better young
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