What I Learned My Great Grandfather

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My father’s parents Joe and Marie Robinson were deceased before my father married my mother in 1952. I do not recall my father sharing stories about his childhood. I rationalized this because the South was not a pleasant place for Black’s, during the Jim Crow era. The stories I have heard about my father’s heritage from extended family members living during that time period. What I learned my Great-grandfather was the first Black to open a banking account on St Helena Island. During sister’s Alpha research conducted through Ancestry database found a copy of my grandfather Joe Robinson 1918 draft card into the US Army at the age of 17. In addition, my sister found two bank records that indicated Joe Robinson was the first Black male to open a bank account at the ????. I believe Joe Robinson had a strong desire to care for his ten children. Despite being divorced and remarried both wives had separate bank accounts until the day he died. Through stories from my cousin ??? age ??? my grandfather I discovered left my father for financial reasons at a young age because my grandmother Marie died at the young age of 28 years old (reasons unknown) until he was injuries working the shipyards in Savannah, Georgia and he returned to Lady Island, SC and worked as a farmer until his death. My mother childhood fate was similar in nature. Her mother died when my mother was a child and my grandfather Calvin Jackson left the Indian Reservation to work in the shipyards in Los

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