What I Learned My Success Of Receiving A Degree From A Community College

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Everything in my life occurred backwards. I married at age 17 and started a family. My children were my motivation. Postsecondary education seemed impossible. Guidance and a support system were absent from my life. The process for attaining an education seemed so complicated. Postsecondary education seemed so foreign to me. I struggled through paying for one class at a time due to the absence of knowledge about financial aid. Unfortunately, I did not have a counselor that mentored me throughout the process. Nine years later through aspirations for my children, I finally achieved my Associates’ Degree from a community college. Unfortunately, at this time, I never acknowledged my success of receiving a degree.
In earlier stages of my career, I discovered aspirations for student success when employed as the 4-H Agent Assistant for Jackson County. Through the interaction with students of a diverse culture seeking guidance and leadership, I learned early on that I had the ability to touch a student’s life in a positive way. By teaching life-long lessons and leadership characteristics at the secondary education level, I watched these individuals begin to mature into productive citizens. This was the beginning point of my educational venture.
Transitioning from secondary education to postsecondary education, I feared that I would lose my connection with the development of the student body. Instead, I gained valuable knowledge pertaining to the mission, vision and goals of…

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