What I Learned New Imagery And Pedagogies Into My Dance Career

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I initially took Jazz III because it is required for my dance minor; I also hoped to gain a better understanding of the Jazz Technique. Throughout this course I achieved the goals that I set at the beginning of the semester. My goals were to be very confident doing double pirouettes and comfortable doing triple pirouettes. I also wanted to focus on being a more conscious turner and dancer. I pushed myself to break my habit of just going for pirouette and hoped that it all worked out. Each class I learned new imagery and pedagogies that have been extremely beneficial to my dance career. A few images and pedagogies that resonated were the idea of my pelvis being an elevator, taking my pelvis with me, especially when doing battement’s, and understanding the placement of a turned in passé. I have already taken and applied the goals, imagery, and pedagogies into my dance career. At first, I was concerned with such varied levels but throughout the course I felt challenged in the Jazz III/I class. Jazz III is required for dance minors to complete. I was excited to take this course because I wanted to expand my Jazz Technique. Throughout the course I have learned a lot about the Jazz Technique and Vernacular. Before this course I had never done a grand píle in parallel. I also learned how to do turns from second position, which was new to me. This course made me feel more comfortable performing and having fun with Jazz Dance. In the past, I have felt timid performing Jazz

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