What I Learned To Leave High School

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It seemed like it was never going to come, but somehow you’re almost graduating. You’re now in the land of AP exams, and frozen GPA’s. Dreaded/loved college acceptance letters and the lowering of motivation to do anything, other than maybe eat lunch, because you've been ready to leave high school in what seems like forever.
BUT…. don't forget to take it all in. There's a lot of things you will do for the very last time in your life. And it's a beautiful thing. Since it means that you had started a journey, a period in your life, which hopeful has been kind to you, and it just happens that after all this time it's coming to a close. So go ahead and finish strong, whether it's turning in that last assignment, or tuning up at prom.
Now that this door is almost closing and another one begins to open, I wish you the most bomb time in whatever lies ahead for you. Relax, and do what you got to do. It can stressful with all the uncertainty that builds after graduation, but I believe that you'll figure out. The chips will fall, and even when you make mistakes (which you will quickly learn will be one of your greatest teachers in life) there will be a lot of true to yourself and correct decisions as well.
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However, don’t let anyone fool you. College will squeeze everything out of you and will make you question everything you've ever done in life and everything you are doing. It’s a time for self-reflection and possibly many sleepless night (whether on work, or maybe partying). But at the same time you'll understand your strength in ways you never knew, you'll see yourself under a whole new light, and experience life with a new set of eyes.
I’m excited for you to graduate, but honestly I cannot believe how fast time flies. Things like this how a funny way of reminding me how old I’m
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