What I Learned With My Mom And My Friend Casey

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-1 1. Find at least two people who lived through 9/11, and ask them to: a) describe what they remember I spoke to my Mom and my friend Casey. My mom was three miles away in Manhattan when the first impact happened. It shook her entire office, on the 78th floor. She immediately called my dad and got out of the city; took a cab and paid the driver to go straight to Connecticut. She remembered watching the TV, shocked about what had happened. There was rage, anger, and disbelief. She didn’t know what could posses someone to act in that manner. My friend Casey was living in Tribeca, 4 blocks away from Ground Zero. He had moved into the city from New London, CT with his eMac and a video camera to become a filmmaker on September 7th, 2001. The first impact knocked him out of bed and onto the floor. By the time the second plane struck, he was on his bike, riding out of the city to Grand Central Terminal. He told me that he remembered being shocked at what could have happened and why, and how on his first couple days in the city, terror struck. b) explain how 9/11 has impacted their lives My mom told me that this was her wake up call to get out of the city and come live in Connecticut because she wanted to be closer to me. My dad retired when I was born, so he was taking care of me full time, but my mom was sick of getting up at 5 and coming home at 8 in a luxury construction business that paid well, but gave her no time to live her own

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