What I Learned in my Adult Living Course

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We learned about families, values, purchasing cars, finances and a lot more. The two that I have found most important to learn was apartment and apartment searching and volunteering.
The first thing in finding an apartment is establishing your price range. Calculate how much money you bring in monthly. A way you can do this is divide your monthly take home by 3. Next step is to start saving. There is so much factors that go into just moving in your house you have to pay for application and credit check fees. Moving itself varies from anywhere to $200-$2,000.
Consequently, this ties in with credit what we also learned in class. Once you apply for apartments management companies will start checking your credit. You will not have to worry if you have great credit, although if it is bad you will need to find a parent, relative or friend to sign a lease as your co-owner. If your landlord wonders always be ready to explain situation and why you are doing to fix it. Be sure before you choose your apartment to make sure you like the neighborhood. A good idea to do is ask a friend who lives in that neighborhood to see how they like it, what its like etc. Take in consideration your affordability. Check the internet and see what the average 1-2 bedroom apartment costs. Another thing is to watch out for red flags, if something is too good to be…
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