What I Learned in the Academic Research Course Essay

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Throughout this semester in the Introduction to Academic Research course, I learned a great deal about research. We covered a wide variety of topics that encompassed topics such as methods of field research, the unknowns when conducting research (the Black Box activity), the differences that exist among fields when using the word “research”, and many others. I’ll begin with what I learned about myself. Throughout this course, I learned a great deal about my future interests and the characteristics I exhibit when participating in a group project. When working with Rob Geis and Martin Castro, I searched constantly and relentlessly through the CIA database to find any information relevant to our project and the argument we wished to make.…show more content…
I believe my research interests lie within the American South. I am fascinated by the historic and economic elements of the region that I call home. I personally believe that learning about your interests is important but the strengths, values, and limitations that you bring to the table are more important. Learning this about yourself helps to address your own weaknesses and to find individuals that balance the research group out. Throughout this course, I also learned a bit about research. My concept of research changed very little. Throughout high school and the IB program, I learned how to evaluate sources, the importance of primary sources, and other elements of research. In my senior year, I completed an original work entitled “How has the internet changed the market structure of local news with reference to the Augusta Chronicle in Augusta, Georgia?”. The research paper was over 24 pages and nearly 4,000 words long. I received an A (a grade received by 10.59% of all students involved in most difficult international high school program in the world) for my Extended Essay grade from the IB Economics examiners in India. I was also asked to complete research reports in other individual courses. One of these reports included my IB History of the Americas class. In this report, I examined how accurate the media portrayal of Jefferson Davis following the Civil War reflected his personality

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