What I Learned in the Course of Spiritual Life and Growth

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I didn't always think in this manner, I originally was a perfectionist. I strived to be the best at everything I did and it stunted my growth in life for quite some time. After I understood the value of my life, I realized the key was to live genuinely; to live for a purpose that was not only important to myself, but to others as well. I was not taught morality, I had to learn it the hard way. The course, Spiritual Life and Growth, has taught me morality to some extent.

On the first week of attending Spiritual Life and Growth, I decided to take a break from my commission based job for a few years; I understood the consequences- if I did not sell I did not earn. I began to cleanse myself, by answering the questions, “Who am I? What do I love?” I was able to truly tap into myself: spiritually, and I understood I was forced to find a new career path, because of the love I had for myself, and let go of my prior job. My career, of the past ten years, has been extremely stressful, and is likely responsible for my high blood pressure condition presently. I realized, I would lose business, and my current competitors would likely collect commission checks on business I was supposed to earn. However, I made my schooling a priority, and I accepted Autumn with open arms.

In “Let Your Life Speak: Listening For The Voice Of Vocation”, Parker J. Palmer (2000) stated “Autumn…
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