What I Never Thought About Is Furniture Being Consider A Form Of Art

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What I, never thought about is furniture being consider a form of art. I was taken back with the many different styles that were on display. The two pieces I chose are from two different time period 1800s and 1900. Both pieces resemble each other in their own way, with some fine details. What drew to each piece was the detail and craftsman ship. That fact they are hand maid and have deep rich colors tones. It is masculine but has some feminine elements to each piece. My first view was the style of the cabinet. The color and detail caught my attention giving me a sense of down home comfort. The chisel marking gave the cabinet a theme, and the latch played off of the chisel marking as well. The Chair complement the cabinet. The color of the leather seat and the circular buttons played off of the cabinet. The two piece are for two different centuries and can be placed together in any room as if they were made to be paired together from the same century.
William Penhallow Henderson was an American painter, architect, and furniture designer. He was born June 4, 1877 in Medford, MA. During his childhood, the family moved several times, but returned to Boston in 1891 where Henderson studied at the Massachusetts Normal Art School and then a t the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts in 1899. His instruction there was given by American impressionist painter Edmund C. Tarbell. The next year he won the Paige Traveling scholarship for two years of study in Europe. While there he embarked

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