What I Talk About Love By Raymond Carver

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In the short story, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver (1981), we find that there is no singular definitive meaning of love, because love is perceived differently by the different characters. We also see that love may have stages and throughout all its complexities, people still hold onto their present love. In this story, we see the four characters, Mel and his wife Terri, Nick whom is the narrator and his wife Laura, all struggle to define what love truly is, while seated around a table drinking Gin. We will begin the analysis of love by looking at Terri’s meaning of love and then Mel’s, Laura and Nick’s love and then finally ending with the love of the old man, in the story that Mel shares with the group. This paper will explore the theme of love and it’s meaning to the story.
The author began with this scary and outrageous story about Terri’s ex-husband, Ed. Terri had a romantic view of love, which was quite twisted at least Mel believes it is. We are told by Terri and mostly by Mel about Ed. This is important because we see there different views on what love comes alive. While Mel was angered and felt disgusted about the love Ed portrayed, Terri found delight in it as if it was something special something only she and Ed would understand. Ed physically abused Terri, out of what she deemed was “love”. This same love, Terri believes Ed had for her, caused him to stalk her and Mel, threaten them, carry out several suicide attempts until he…
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