What I Think About Therapy Has Impacted Me

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For the timeline assignment, I found trying to figure out what was significant and what wasn’t was extremely tough. I did leave out several parts because I felt that they were more relevant to another person’s timeline, as in they didn’t happen to me I just witnessed it. I feel that this course was very therapeutic for me to be able to put labels on my thoughts and emotions concerning the events and traumas in my life. I will in this paper try to define these emotions and how I think certain techniques of therapy has impacted me. I also want to explain the events on my timeline and how I think they have impacted me today. I think that events before I was even born had an impact on the events that happened after my birth. When I was…show more content…
My grandma did nothing when I was 12 years old and told her what was happening to me. I am her durable power of attorney now and I catch myself distancing myself from her because being around her causes me anxiety. I think that I try hard to control the impulses of telling her off and that is where my anxiety comes from. When her husband was, alive I would get into shouting matches with him in their nursing home. Since his death, I have caught myself exhibiting transference many times. I don’t like old people, I have no relationship with either of my mom’s parents because they are old. If someone is wearing old spice, his favorite cologne I will instantly get angry and treat them poorly. My husband put some on one time and he says that was the worst argument we have ever gotten in to. Drug abuse was also a part of my life from middle school until I was 21 years old. I think that a big part of me becoming addicted to drugs came from the type of boundaries, according to structural theory, that I had when I moved in with my parents. In my grandparents’ home I was never allowed to play with kids in the neighborhood, if I played outside, my grandma was always with me. My grandparents had very rigid boundaries and as a result began accusing me of doing drugs and smoking
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