What I Want At Liberty And The Future

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I have always enjoyed creating things and being good at what I chose to do. When I was a young boy, I spent countless hours building things with Legos or Kinetics. I had a vivid imagination, hoping to one day invent a hover car or a jet pack. I am now in a moment of my life where my decisions now will affect what my life is and what it will become. With great uncertainty, I explored many different career paths. I have many interests, but my competitive nature hinders and encourages me in different directions. After recent self-analysis, I have found that the decisions I have made are not based off of solid grounded decisions. I would retreat before things get tough. My competitiveness has driven decisions that with a sound mind I would not otherwise make, because of a fear to fail. Doubting my already made decisions, I now have to reassess what I will do at Liberty and in the future. At this point of college, I will start getting into my more difficult, degree focused classes. I no longer have general education courses I can use to stall the time in which I had to make a decision for my major. Now with less than a semester to make a decision, I have concluded that I truly do not know what to do. I have found that I have made selfish decisions and approach my career without a God guided life. I sit now waiting for answers to my prayers, hoping that God will guide me in the direction he wants me to go. I believed that I should become a mechanical engineer, but I am afraid I
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