What I Want For My Career

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About four years ago I began to seriously give thought to what I wanted to do with my life. As a high school sophomore I narrowed down my choices to three possibilities the first becoming an investment banker, a lawyer, or a politician. Ultimately my high minded ambitions got the better of me and I set my sights on Wall Street. Since then I’ve become a finance major, I’ve read a few finance books like Ben Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor”, as well as dabbling in real-time market simulations as well as the real markets. As I get closer to finishing school I have put more thought into what exactly I want out of my career in finance. To start I want to become a full-service broker for a large bank like Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley. After spending enough time in the industry gaining experience, contacts, and wisdom I think I’d like to possibly venturing into wealth management. For the sake of this report we will be keying in on becoming a stockbroker. Becoming a stockbroker is not what it used to be. Years ago a well-connected fellow with a good feel for numbers could break into the industry but that’s not the case anymore. All the licenses were needed back then but a degree is now required. The best fields of study for getting into this industry are Finance, Mathematics, Economics, or even Accounting. There are more than a few necessary licenses involved in being able to deal in the financial markets. Not all are necessary but I’d like to get as many as I can so I can

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