What I Want Out Of Life And College

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People are categorized all their life by themselves, their peers, and strangers. Each person is put in a category based on race, age, gender, etc.. In Circles of My Multicultural Self, I put twelve different identifiers and descriptors that defines who I am right now. They are the following: middle-class, complex, hard-worker/driven, agnostic, girlfriend, generous/kind, athletic, adopted, female, future counseling psychologist, and Asian (Korean). The three most impactful identifiers and descriptors are complex, girlfriend, and hard-worker/driven. ‘Complex’ is mostly due to what has been going on in my life, and it describes how my personality, ‘Girlfriend’ describes one of the most relevant events that is going in my life. ‘Hard-worker/driven’ goes hand-in-hand together as it allows me to focus on what I want out of life and college. ‘Complex’ is the most impactful right now. The reason I ranked ‘complex” as number one is due to the fact it is the core essence of me. It explains my personality and my past. My personality can range to completely bubbly to stoic and quiet. It depends on who I am with and where I am. I’m one those people who don’t open up that much. I like to stay private with a lot of my issues whether if something is bothering me or if I’m really stressed out about something. Because of this, I usually act like nothing 's bothering me most of the time. It is putting on a mask or a forefront as I like to handle it by myself. My past is also complex. One of

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