What I Would Be A Successful Cardiovascular Surgeon

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Contrary to popular belief, a career is far different from a job. A job is a paid position of employment, while a career is an occupation in which the individual places forth much of their life and seeks opportunities in which to advance. My chosen career is a cardiovascular surgeon, and according to The Society of Thoracic Surgeons, a cardiovascular surgeon is a “medical doctor who specializes in surgical procedures of the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs in the chest.” This career has interested me since a very young age. I personally believe that I would be a successful cardiovascular surgeon because of my personality, talents, and values; this career will allow me to reach my full potential. I find myself as very reserved and…show more content…
My weaknesses include being disorganized, sometimes naive, awkward around people, and impatient. Looking back on myself, I need to improve my materialistic and mental organization skills to succeed in this career. I find myself naturally a disorganized person, and I need to push myself more to meet my specific goals. To solve this problem, I can use my planner more as well as forth more effort to keep a tidy environment. Another weakness of mine that I need to improve is my learning habits. If I am not particularly interested in a subject, I do not learn it easily and often need pushing. My proposed solution is to change my mental outlook, and to make it enjoyable. I can also stand pressure well, but after too much I may have quick flashes of anger/temper; I need to improve my mental peace. I can do so by again improving my attitude toward others. My lifestyle goals include earning a decent amount of money as to pay off my college tuition because being a surgeon requires a large amount of time in school; which in turn has heavy costs. I do not have many preferences for hours; as long as I have enough sleep to function, everything will be enjoyable for me. I understand the gravity and demanding hours of being a cardiovascular surgeon, so when I have a family, I comprehend that I will not be able to spend as much time as I would delight in with them. I want to work in any decent hospital in Georgia,
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