What I Would Be When You Grow Up

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“What do you want to be when you grow up,” is a question that I have been occasionally asked throughout my life. In elementary school, I, an avid bookworm and grammar enthusiast at the time, answered, “an editor.” In middle school, my answer changed to, “a physicist,” because my very first public presentation was about a physics project. In high school, the question asked has evolved from what I want to be, to what I will be. Never in my life would I have dreamed of saying, “A teenage parent.” For my parents, however, that was the only assertive answer they had in their life, because my mother got pregnant in high school. The freedom to choose what you want to be has, in most cases, subconsciously been taken for granted.
For most high school students, college is the highest expectation. Other factors, such as establishing professions, raising children, and owning property, gradually come either during or after a college education. At seventeen, my mother and father worked two jobs, attended high school classes, and raised me, their first-born child. As teen parents, they were not financially stable, well-supported, or particularly content with their opportunities, but they made the best of the unexpected. My mother never expected to give birth to a child, much more a prematurely born one, when she envisioned the way her life in high school would be. Having me 25 weeks in of the full-term 40 weeks of pregnancy drastically altered hopes of a healthy and ‘normal’ life.
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