Essay What I Would Get Rid of to Improve Life in the 21st Century

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Our lives are changing, the outstanding growth of our knowledge is increasing every day, yet our changing lives present increasingly complicated problems in an ageing society. Today’s 21st century has much to sort out that may help the upcoming society. The excruciating examination process in which thousands of pressured students who are not fully ready to take an exam, must prove what they have ‘learned’ to aggressive and rapacious examiners, only a minority being selected in the vast marine of shinning students who have just been unchained of the shackles of school work and deadlines? And the rest...? They are left to dry out in the harsh world, to be taunted for doing miserable on that one day, not being given another try. Exams…show more content…
This is an insane thought as the teacher ought to be conscious of a student’s attention span. It’s shocking! We see something inventive and fool around for hours and hours, in the end, our work an absolute disappointment. They believe we can achieve a full written essay for the next day in the aid of our computer. Indeed the internet is great help, however the greatest help of all, Wikipedia, is not approved to be copied, so we must refuse to accept the temptation of our surroundings and finish the work with every letter being our own. Imagine life without no homework that involves technology, which is ironic as the answers are all there; but it’s a beautiful vivid image of stress free students who don’t need to be upset or troubled. Technology is also becoming extremely unsafe if it is not used correctly. Technology has introduced social networking sites, which can take advantage of a Childs vocabulary. Children do not get an opportunity to talk face-to-face and this is dangerous to their social skills to not only children but everyone, as they do not have time to communicate, they can use text, email, facebook and other social networking sites, which can have them adapting to slang. Social networking sites are not just hazardous to ones vocabulary but also because some are cyber bullied and groomed over the internet. I despise how people truly get satisfaction from hurting someone psychologically,
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