What I Would Never Have Believed That Concepts From Economics

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Prior to writing this, I would never have believed that concepts from economics would have fit into my decisions in course selections. But, now looking at the individual concepts and what they really entail, it makes perfect sense.
As a sophomore picking out classes, I had free choice whether to enter the CP course, the Honors course or the AP course. The only reason why I was able to choose between these three courses was because of my grades. This is similar to the concept of “barriers to entry” in economics; the students are the new firms, the courses are the industries, and the different grades are the actual barrier into the courses. During sophomore year, I maintained an average grade in the honors history course of higher than
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For instance, some of the benefits included more credit, a more interesting topic, and learning more. On the other hand, the costs included more time dedicated, a harder course, and the AP test. These costs were of a lesser importance than the benefits were, plus, the AP test could be beneficial. By using this concept, I determined that taking the AP course did benefit me more in the long run than taking the honors course. One of the major benefits that I looked at was whether taking this course would help benefit me in the long run. I used the concept of “human capital”, thinking that with this course and my other “collective” knowledge that I would gather from other classes, I was preparing myself to be a well-rounded student and so possibly more successful in the future. In taking the AP course, I would learn a slightly different topic than the Honors or CP classes, and at a higher level of difficulty. I would definitely learn the topic and broaden my knowledge, but I would also learn more skills, like managing time wisely and different studying skills for a harder course. On the other hand, the costs of taking the AP course was like the concept of “opportunity cost”, the things I had to give up in order to take the course. For one, I would have to give up taking an easier course, and perhaps a better grade, if I opted to take the AP course. I would also have to give up more of my time to prepare for the course, hence eliminating
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