What I Would Pluto For This Project?

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I chose Pluto for this project because it seemed like an unpopular, but interesting subject. At first, I wanted to do the whole solar system, but I figured the explanations of each planet wouldn’t do them justice, because there are so many things to say about them. Also, the paper would most likely end up being fairly longer than necessary. After further thought, I figured Pluto would be the best subject for me, considering I did not know much about the so called planet that was removed from our solar system. I had a lot of research to do on the tiny dwarf.

In 1905, Percival Lowell (left) studied the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. After using mathematics, he had proven a completely unknown planet, Planet X, must cause them to move oddly
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Pluto was not named until March 24, 1930. Before this new planet’s name was chosen, Constance, Cronus, Lowell, Minerva, Percival, and Zeus were other suggested possibilities. These suggestions came from a number of sources such as The New York Times and Percival Lowell’s widow, Constance Lowell. The name “Pluto” came from an eleven year old girl by the name of Venetia Burney of Oxford, England, who was interested in both astronomy and ancient mythology. She suggested it to her grandfather who forwarded the name to the Lowell Observatory. Pluto, in Roman mythology, was the third son of Saturn, and the god of the underworld, and the brother of Jupiter, Neptune, and Juno. Although, astronomers liked this name because of the Roman mythology behind it, they also liked it due to the fact that it started with the letters “Pl” and they were the initials of the original person who caused astronomers to look for Pluto, Percival Lowell. To the right is Pluto’s scientific symbol which also consists of Lowell’s initials.

Pluto is a small planet that is very distant from the sun and extremely different from Earth. It is only 2,372 kilometers (1,474 miles) in diameter, has a retrograde (backwards/east to west) orbit, and has about one fifteenth of the gravity of Earth. So, a person who weighs 100 pounds on Earth would only weigh roughly 7 on Pluto. On Pluto, one day is about 6.39 days on Earth. Meaning within
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