What I 'm Bisexual?

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But I made nice for the sake of the conversation and our friendship, and I caved. “I guess you could say I’m bisexual,” was my long-awaited response. She accepted the answer, but I also noticed she tried to casually create some distance between her and me in the bed. It didn’t stop there, though. I continued using Tinder, swiping so often that I’m surprised my finger hasn’t fallen off. I’ve matched with some pretty cool dudes, have been on a couple dates, but nothing serious has come of it to date. However, for the six months that I’ve had the app I’ve noticed that out of 50 matches (I’m picky), only five of them have been girls, none of whom have messaged me and the one that I did message never responded. Now, I know for I fact that I’ve swiped right on more than five girls in six months so I don’t know what the deal is. Feeling defeated, I asked my roommate if I was ugly. She assured me that I’m not, but I 'm not sure if the reason she offered was any consolation. “You just don’t look bisexual enough. You don’t give off any lesbian vibes,” she told me. By that, I’m assuming she meant that since my gender presentation is overwhelmingly feminine, no one would ever presume that I’m also into girls. I guess that’s why my friend Melissa was also in disbelief when she found out that I’m into girls. Most recently, my brother came out to my parents as pansexual. My mom picked me up from the train station one day after my co-op and said through tears, “You don’t even know the
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