What I 've Had My Mind

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One thing I’ve had my mind set on doing since I was a junior in high school was rushing a fraternity in college. I made my mind up after hearing stories from my friends’ older brothers and teachers that experienced greek life. Not only did they provide them with a close-knit brotherhood in college, which can be a hard thing to find if you are coming to a school out of state, but they also provide an active social life, leadership opportunities, and business connections for later in life. The key, I’ve been told, is finding the fraternity that you fit in the best and that feels like home. If you plan to spend the next four years with a close group of guys every day it’s imperative that you find an organization you believe you belong in. Rush week was the second week of school this semester, the week following Labor Day weekend. The layout of rush week is events from Monday-Thursday, Friday being an invitation only interview, and Saturday you either receive or get denied a bid. The schedule you build for yourself for where you visit is based off what impressions you have gained of the houses on campus. The goal of rush week is to go around to every house and find where you connect with the guys and fit in the best. Most freshman gain these impression beforehand by looking at rush videos on YouTube and stories heard. Obviously some houses will be on everybody’s list due to how historical they are on campus and nationally. Reputation and awards is also a deciding factor for

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