What I 've Learned From Apology

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I am Not Sorry
(A reflective essay in regards to the three things I 've learned from Apology) Plato is a very influential philosopher who claims to have had an incredible teacher by the name of Socrates. However, due to Socrates lack of writing things down, no one is able to prove if he truly existed or was simply a character in the writings of Plato. These writings are collectively called The Final Days of Socrates which consists of Euthyphiro, Apology, Crito, and Fato. All of these texts explain and demonstrate the Socratic methods and dialects in relation to education. Socrates had a very unique approach considering his cultural surroundings, which was very traditional based. Socrates sought to challenge these traditions by simply asking why they were practiced, which lead to another question, and another, and another, and so on. Throughout The Apology Socrates taught that wisdom can be admitting when you don 't know something, questioning everything is good, and seeking to understand the world and reasons behind things is of high moral value. While there may be many ways to gain wisdom, there are also many ways to display it. For example, during accusations Socrates doesn’t attempt to find some answer pertaining to the accusations of being an atheist and corrupting the youth, instead he simply states that he does not know. He makes it clear that there are many things that he does not know. And there are many things that the government does not know, which during this
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