What I 've Learned From College

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As my senior year is closing in, and my time here is coming quickly to an end, I 'm becoming very nostalgic. I 'm longing for the excitement and simplicity of my freshman year, and fearing what is to come after graduation. Looking back at the past four years of my life, a lot has happened - and I mean A LOT. I 've become a leader, researcher, and creator. I 've not only gotten a superb education, but I 've also learned a thing or two about life that I will carry with me forever. These things are just as important as the studying and the readings. Here are seven things I 've learned from college: Go out as much as possible Okay, I know what your thinking, and I 'm not saying that you should drink until the AM at some frat house. I 'm saying that you need to get outside and take an adventure with friends. You need to get involved in something your passionate about. Breech your comfort zone, and do something other than sit at your desk with your nose in a book. I personally know how easy it is to continuously tell yourself "you can 't go do X,Y, or Z - you have an exam and two assignments this week!" Looking back, I missed out on lots of memories and fun because I stayed in studying. Don 't get me wrong, studying is super important and my nights in have paid off, but so is getting out and seeing the world. It 's important to extend the boundaries you 've made for yourself and see what is on the other side of the door. Getting involved in something can help you discover a new
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