What I 've Learned From This Class

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Final Essay: What I 've Learned From This Class
Before taking this course on the Geography of Health, I had little knowledge of global health issues or the methods of science used to analyze, control, and remedy the problems that arise in the health of individuals or entire populations. What was most surprising was the idea that after generations of demographic transition, the world is now employing alternatives to the traditional biomedical (empirical) perspective of health. The three things that did the most to change my view of health were the lessons about disease causation, the role of visual culture in health, and the concept of narrative medicine. Now, I’ll define and discuss the three concepts we covered that did the most to change my view of health.
Etiology is defined as the branch of medicine that studies the source of every disease or other health condition through the process of accurate, professional diagnosis. When I think of what the world knows about disease causation what comes to mind, first of all, is that we research every common health affliction with as much money as we can, and we are nonetheless without a cure for many afflictions.
In lecture, we learned that disease transmission and conditional statistics may differ according to whether the affliction originates or resides in the natural, wild environment or the built and social environments of human beings. That, agents of a disease might be biological pathogen organisms embedded in the
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