What If Airline Regulations Never Existed?

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Many years before the Federal Aviation Act was created, the airline industry grew with little to no rules for safety. The skies filled with aircraft each year, always adding more numbers than the previous years. Imagine an aviation world where safety was never even thought of. How do we control and monitor all the aircraft in the skies to ensure they all reach their destinations safely. What if airline regulations never existed? Would aircraft just fly till parts literally fell off? Who would be the responsible party to clean up after an aircraft accident? These are the reasons that the Federal Aviation Administration was created. The modern age of powered flight began with Orville and Wilbur Wright making their first sustained powered flight at Kitty Hawk N.C. in December 1903. The Wright brothers along with other aviation pioneers like Glenn Curtiss, Samuel Langley, Thomas Baldwin, and Octave Chanute all new the extreme danger that flying presented. As the aviation pioneers began to perfect the art of flying, the need for safety grew as well. As time passed new planes and technologies were being made to enhance safety. Commercial operations like the use of aircraft in World War I and the early service of the airmail furthered these advances in flight safety. Airmail operation began as an idea that airplanes could be useful in delivering the mail faster than the railroads (Lawrence, 2014 pp.79). This idea subsequently kicked off commercial aviation. By 1911 experimental
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