What If I Told You Slavery Still Exists? Many Would Disagree

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What if I told you slavery still exists? Many would disagree and say, “Slavery was abolished in 1865 under the 13th amendment.” However, slavery remains a global reality even after the Declaration of Human Rights was signed 60 years ago. Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers use techniques of coercion to control victims for the use of exploitation in sex acts or labor services against his or her will (National Human Trafficking Hotline). As our society adopts the use of mass media into our everyday lives, it is globally vital to utilize these tools to combat human trafficking. The power of words and images in the media shapes public opinion and knowledge. However, the media is misinterpreting the issue of…show more content…
These organizations strive to provide a national legal framework that will bring nations together, but governmental efforts to eradicate human trafficking are not enough. The number of people actually aware of the problem appears to be shockingly low, even with human trafficking being the fastest growing illegal crime in the world. The biggest problem with the fight against human trafficking revolves around the fallacies of media coverage and lack of transparency of the issue. My concern with the media’s coverage of human trafficking began in my intro to mass communication course at Louisiana State University. It was not until this course that I understood the magnitude of the media’s power of shaping the public opinion and agenda setting. Human trafficking and the media follow the 1970’s cultivation theory which states that the media has enough power to shape individuals’ general beliefs about the world and their general attitudes toward certain issues. The issues the mass media choose to display determine what is important and influence the primary topics of the public agenda. One major issue with the media is the lack of coverage of all forms of trafficking. The media tends to focus their social media campaigns on images and stories that concentrate around sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation is an
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