What If Life How You Knew It Just Changed Overnight?

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What if life how you knew it just changed overnight, and you were forced to take on more responsibility than ever before? You would be forced to learn new things and change the ways you would usually do others. This is what happened to me when my parents got guardianship of my two nieces. This has been the way of life for the last three years, my parents and I trying to raise them and give them the lives they deserve. My family wasn 't prepared for this, they were finally just starting to empty their nest, when before they knew it they would be starting all over again.
It seemed as though we were just a big, happy, and growing family, my sister had just gotten married and had two beautiful daughters. The girls were the most precious things I 've ever seen in my life, one was four years old and the other had just turned two. My sister and brother-in-law seemed to have a pretty decent and happy marriage, when before we all knew it their marriage was on the rocks and divorce was being talked about. Before too long my brother-in-law had moved out of the house and left my sister to take care of the two kids, work, and try to finish college. It all became too much for her and she lost control, she started to not take care of the kids properly, lost her job, and was abusing her prescription medicines.
My parents knew that they had to step in before the kids were hurt or Child Protective Services stepped in. My parents were very afraid to approach my sister and tell her that they

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