What If Paul Had Never Converted From Christianity?

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What If Paul Had Never Converted to Christianity? If Paul had never converted to Christianity things would be very different. Paul played a pivotal role in spreading Christianity. Without Paul 's influence the Roman Empire might still believe in Roman Mythology. Paul heavily influenced Christianity through traveling and teaching. Without Paul 's existence things would be very different. Paul 's original name was Saul. Saul started out hating and persecuting Christians. Saul had a big conversion moment where he heard God talking to him and he was struck blind for three days. "Paul was on his way to Damascus when he had a vision that changed his life: according to Galatians 1:16, God revealed his Son to him. More specifically, Paul states that he saw the Lord (1 Corinthians 9:1), though Acts claims that near Damascus he saw a blinding bright light. Following this revelation, which convinced Paul that God had indeed chosen Jesus to be the promised messiah."("Saint") Paul then became a Christian and left his easy, comfortable life to become a preacher. Once Paul became a missionary he wanted to share the news of Christianity with everyone. "Paul’s great achievement was to take Christianity from Jerusalem throughout the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire and finally to the capital itself." (Johnson) Paul 's main goal was to spread the word that Christ is the Son of God. (Adcock) Paul made a very big impact on his society. "He was active as a missionary in the 40s and 50s
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