What If Rod Had Apologize Him Back At The Irish Mob For Hitting

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What if Rod had asked Finley to help him get back at the Irish Mob for hitting Erin? The woman I love is crying her eyes out in pain and there is nothing that I can do about it but cry for her. I was so overwhelmed with anger I screamed “ I HATE BELMONT” in the waiting room and punched a small hole in the wall and stormed out into the cold night and started to cry. My hot tears were like boiling water on a stove As I started to walk down the street I saw a hand wave me over to their car. It looked very familiar, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It was a 2013 matte black jeep wrangler. As I approached the car I started to realize who it was. It was Rod. When I got inside the car was so silent I could hear my heart…show more content…
I can’t wait to do this. It 11 now and Rod started to drive up. in the back where 2 other boys dressed in all black with masks in the hands. one of them actually looked a lot like Zac Efron except he was had shorter hair. The other one looked like Nick Young but with no tattoos. Surprisingly I wasn 't even scared or phased about it. 30 minutes later we approaches a house and he told me what’s going to go down.”Me and my boys are going to go in and take care of our business and your going to be behind the wheel and be ready to drive off. Got it?” “Got it” As they got out I slid over the driver’s seat. Sitting there was like waiting for the ruling of a case. I started looking at the house more. It was forest green,weeds in the lawns, and all the lights are on. 15 minutes pass and they come running towards the car. “GO GO GO” they yell. Once they all get in I take off into the night. What is life like for Erin and Finley in New Hampshire? After the long train ride to New Hampshire I’m finally here. As soon as I step out the train station the warm sun hits my face. I look around the area and everything looks so perfect and clean.As I look at the sun it’s smiling down at me. I see a bright clear sky, families taking strolls in the park across the street, kids goofing around in the playground, and boys skateboarding. I still can’t believe I made it out of Bellmont for good. It feels like a dream. Across the street I see two adults looking straight at me and
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