What If You Woke Up Tomorrow And Had No Memory Of The Past?

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What if you woke up tomorrow and had no memory of the past? The poem “Alzheimer’s” by Kelly Cherry give us general details on an all too common disease that mainly affects our elderly. The title of this poem informs readers on the focus of the poem, shifting our thinking to a family or friend that may suffer from this disease. The style of “Alzheimer’s” seems to be free form and contains a total of 29 lines. There are no stanzas, alliteration, or rhyming throughout this poem. The theme of this poem seems to be about losing a love one, but not in the sense of dying or death. The tone starts out very harsh and bitter from the description of the man given. Then towards the middle of the poem you start to feel some frustration and impatience with the individual. As the poem progresses toward the end it seems to be sadder and grief stricken with a sense of sympathy about the situation. Alzheimer’s disease disrupts lives, causes slow decline in memory, and affects how an individual perceives the world in the way of thinking. Alzheimer’s victims express anger or outrage just effectively as love, grief, sadness, and sympathy. There comes a time when a family member or love one gets old. There are many that are able to retain their memory and never forget the past. However, there are many where the body starts to wither away and their mind withers along with it. Losing the mind can cause an individual not to recall family members, lose memories of their youth, and not be able to

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