What Impact Does A Negative Personality Have On Workplace Culture?

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My research question focuses on workplace culture. “What impact does a negative personality have on workplace culture, and how does it affect the other people working in the effected environment?” My hypothesis is that negative personalities destroy workplaces and leave employers with a high turnover rate as well as many unhappy workers. However, my follow up question is, “is there a way to fix negative personalities in the workplace?” My paper answers these questions using strong research evidence from several credible authors and sources. Negative personalities ruin workplace culture and can cause a company a massive loss in profit in the long run. This problem is also a universal problem that all companies have the potential to deal with. There is, however, successful ways to fix the negative workplace culture by dealing with the individuals who cause the negativity.
Book Review The book I chose to base my paper off of focuses on workplace culture and the affect toxic personalities have on it. The authors conducted years of research, and followed up with solid recommendations for the audience of their book.
“Toxic Workplace” Kusy and Holloway examined the workplace and the culture in several organizations in order to develop practical recommendations and tools for managers to deal with toxic personality traits of employees. The authors conducted their research thoroughly to ensure their assumptions were accurate and their recommendations were valuable. They
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