What Impact Does Family Size Have On Conformity?

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This investigation will focus on; “What impact does family size have on conformity?” This is an experimental design using quantitative subjective data which is achieved through the form of statistics from questionnaires. The independent variable of family sizes will be tested against individual percentages of conformity. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, The definition of conformity is the behaviour with accordance to socially accepted convention or standards. (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016)
This experiment is being tested in a controlled environment which is the controlled variable. The reason for this investigation is to either prove or disprove the notion that the effect of family size causes an individual to either conform more or less. This information will be useful in social psychology and similar situations.
The quantitative subjective data is collated and organised into forms of a line graph, table values, and the calculation of mean and median data to determine if there’s any form of deviation of data. This will prove if there’s a linear or non-linear relationship between the data and test if there’s any similarities between the data values and/or the overall skew of the graphs. The outliers will be also added onto these graphs and will be compared towards each other recognising if there is a similarity or contrast in data and in relationships between both of the data. This will determine if the hypothesis of “family size has an…
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