What Impact Does Tourism Have in Coastal Areas in Spain, Since Late 1950’s?

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Impacts of mass tourism in coastal areas of Spain | | Sabine Alma 213772 Group TTM1M | | 2012 2012 Table of Contents Declaration 3 Introduction 5 What is mass tourism and how did tourism develop in Spain?5 What are the cultural and social impacts of tourism in the coastal areas in Spain?6 What impact does mass tourism have on the economy and environment in Spain?7 Conclusion 9 Grading sheet10 Reference list12 Declaration I declare that: * I composed this work * This work has not been accepted in any previous application for a degree or diploma by me or anyone else * All sources of my information have been acknowledged Date: Name: Signature: Word Count: “What impact does tourism…show more content…
Furthermore, it has been argued that tourism has led to depopulation from the villages and a concentration of population in the towns (Bramwell, 2004). Besides, the impacts and consequences of the commercialisation of culture for tourism purposes caused many academic discussions. With some depicting this process as fundamentally destructive of the meaning through which local inhabitants organise their lives (Greenwood, 1989: 179). Certainly, this tourist commercialisation can affect inhabitants’ culture, however it must not be expected that people automatically are incompetent to withstand these pressures whether local cultures should somehow kept fixed. Nevertheless, mass tourism changes the behaviour of the inhabitants from the coastal areas. The inhabitants adapt to the tourists behaviour due to the fact that they want to make money out of these tourists. Tourists wear different clothes, eat different food and interact differently with each other. An example is that in restaurants, Dutch, German food can be ordered. With the arrival of the first tourists in the late 1950s, bikinis were prohibited however an exception for tourists was made. The culture in an area changes slowly and finally can disappear due to tourism. Although, certain inhabitants of the coastal areas attach to the old-fashioned things, as
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