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What Impression Does the Character of Creon create in Antigone?
At the start of the play Creon is introduced by the chorus who represent the old Theban citizens who say, “Creon, the new man of the day” which introduces him in a positive way towards the audience as it gives the audience a strong emphasis on his character as the words “new” and “Man” are both been placed in a positive aspect.
After the Chorus introduces Creon, he begins a speech which shows him a strong and respectful leader; he has just won a battle and has become ruler of Thebes. In his speech he starts off with “My countrymen, the ship of state is ship” this first line already shows that Creon is a patriotic man as he calls the citizens of Thebes his “countrymen” and
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The disliking towards Creon is later own increased when he talks about the death of Antigone, in the line 875 he portrays himself as a God which is very disrespectful towards the Gods and is very frond upon by the citizens of Thebes and the members of the audience.
Creon has shown many sides of himself in the text however he has had a lot to deal with he should not been seen as a villain as he is going through a lot of hard decisions that made him act in the wrong way as it is very hard to decide when he has all this power and a whole city is watching him.

What Impression Does the Character of Antigone create in Antigone?
Antigone is introduced with her sister Ismene; she begins to speak about her emotions from her words the audience knows that she is deeply upset but yet also furious as she says, “The doom reserved for enemies marches on the ones we love the most” this gives a depressing tone to Antigone’s tone showing the audience that she is very sad about something she knows. We then find out that she upset about that one of her brothers isn’t allowed a funeral and clearly knows that if she buries Polynices she will be sentenced to death. However she asks Ismene, “Will you share the labor, the work?” here Antigone represents herself towards the audience as a family caring women who would do anything for her family as respect and is even willing to die for the fact. Her determination is shown we she
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