What Impression of Inman is created in chapter 1 of Cold Mountain?

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What Impression of Inman is created in chapter 1 of Cold Mountain?

Throughout Chapter one Frazier establishes Inman’ s character in
sufficient detail for the reader to feel involved in his life and get
an insight into the way he thinks. This gives the reader a feeling of
superiority as to their knowledge of Inman and his feelings. Inman is
based on Frazier’s great uncle. This gives them a better impression of
him and a greater feeling of pity for him and his situation.

He appears to be very sensitive to his surroundings as the environment
of the hospital seems to affect his feelings in a very negative way.
An example of this is where he thinks about how he obtained his wound.
This shows his strength of character both
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The fact
that he is still affected by it shows the grotesqueness of it and also
in some ways shows the weakness of his mental defences. This is
because he can not block out the images and ordeals that he has

He is a very humane and sensitive person. The reader can tell this
from “Inman’s only thought looking on the enemy was, Go home.” This
shows that even though he is fighting he wishes that he could stop and
let the enemy get back to their lives. This shows how even those that
war has affected in an extreme way can still have a sense of human
decency. Even so he still has to find someone to blame for any
unfortunate event. The reader realises this when Inman asks the blind
man “Who put out your pair of eyes.” This may have come about because
Inman has witnessed so many unfortunate incidents and tragedies at
human hands that he has forgotten about natural causes. The fact that
he feels this way is a direct contrast to the way he feels towards
nature and his humane approach to the way people are treated. This is
very tactless and it also shows that he is a very open minded and
accepting person. This is shown by his meeting with the Cherokee
tribe. This gives the reader the impression that Inman is very
tolerant of other cultures as he listens to what Swimmer teaches him
and only asks minimal questions. This also shows that he has a lot of
self-esteem and although he is very open minded he has strongly…