What Influenced Edgar Allan Poe's Writing Style?

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What Influenced Edgar Allan Poe’s Writing Style? Edgar Allan Poe, born in 1809, is a critic, mystery and short story writer, but most importantly a poet. Edgar’s troubled life greatly influenced his works. As a young boy, Edgar loved to compose poems for his loved ones. But as he grew older, Edgar started to experience pains and tragedies in life, causing him to abuse on opium and alcohol. These were scenes behind the years of Edgar’s dark writings. When Edgar was born, his father abandoned the entire family. Then Edgar’s mother died of tuberculosis when he was only 3 years old. He was then orphaned by John Allan and Frances Keeling Valentine Allan. Edgar, as a young child, had a good stepfather-son relationship, but as Edgar…show more content…
Edgar moved in Richmond with his Aunt and her daughter named Virginia, where he worked for The Messenger magazine. His magnificent writing soon gained the magazine popularity, but his drug abuse forced his boss to eventually fire him. From there he moved up north after marrying his young cousin, Virginia. In 1847, however, his wife Virginia died of tuberculosis. This death led to Poe’s excessive drinking, which would negatively affect the rest of his life, causing various
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