What Influenced You to Apply to Cornell College?

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What influenced you to apply to Cornell College, and why do you believe it might be a good college choice for you? (100)

My goal is to find a school that fits me and allows me to build upon the foundation that I gained at Northside College Prep. When I visited the Cornell campus it immediately felt like a good fit for me. Attending Cornell will allow me to pursue biology and art, take rigorous classes, form bonds with professors, feel at home in a close-knit environment, and allow me to focus on one class at a time. I think Cornell will provide me with the tools that I need to realize my goal of being a doctor while still pursuing my love of art.

Cornell's distinctive One Course At A Time (OCAAT) calendar enables students to pursue their passions in extraordinary ways, in the classroom, on campus, and around the world. Briefly describe your passion (s) for learning, exploration, or involvement. (250)

The One-Course-At-A-Time calendar allows students to lose themselves in a subject. Multiple times during my high school career I have wished that I could focus on only one subject; to be able to absorb more information by being totally immersed. I am currently taking seven classes that I have to do homework for, study for, do projects for all at one time. As much as I want to be able to give each class the same amount of attention, it is impossible. The OCAAT calendar would allow me to submerge myself in one subject, making me a better, more productive student. The
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