What Injured Student Athletes Deal With Athletes

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I. Introduction It is difficult to imagine thought in the modern world without the competitive intercollegiate sports that people should be aware of what injured student-athletes deal with. According to Kremer, Moran, Walker, and Craig (2012), these injuries continuously increases in elite and intense degree in sports and can be career threatening for young athletes. With the growing interest of sports among universities, the aggressiveness in sport also increases and thus resulting to possible injuries among student-athletes. Common long term injuries can occur in the lower and upper body. Baima (2009) states that the common lower body injuries athletes’ acquire are anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear and Achilles tendon injury, most of them happen among basketball, soccer, and football athletes. The common upper body injuries, according to Anderson, Parr, and Hall (2009), are rotator cuff injury and shoulder ligamentous injuries, specifically the Glenohumeral (GH) joint, which are prone among football, swimming, and tennis athletes. According to Baima (2009), an injury could be acquired with or without colliding with something. It is, however, important to be reminded that student-athletes inevitably cannot escape from these injuries when training or competing. The student-athletes already have a lot of pressures, being both a studying student and an elite athlete, and acquiring will be an obstacle as their lives tend to be revolved around sports. We believe that this

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