What Interests Me : History And Hiring

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What Interests Me: History and Hiring
The study of Ethics is an important branch of study. It is as important as the study of the sciences, math and business. At its core the study of ethics provides a framework to make decisions on how we conduct our lives. Almost every action we take has ethical implications that affect our own lives and the lives around us. This is important to consider in the business world, since the decisions made by business organizations can affect the lives of millions of people world wide, as well as the ecological health of the planet. The first four chapters of the text provide readers with several interesting ethical concepts that have implications for business professionals. The two topics that stood out as having the greatest potential for wide ranging effects are the historical perspective on business ethics and hiring ethical people. Studying and understanding history provides a strong foundation for making decisions in the present. Hiring decisions have as large effect on an organization’s success as purchasing or marketing decisions.
Part One: Historical Perspective on Business Ethics In the United States there is a large emphasis on and embracing of the concept that capitalism, unregulated free markets, and little governmental regulation is the best way to ensure that workers are taken care of and to facilitate the growth of wealth and the economy. Unqualified statements like this ignore the realities of

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