What Interpersonal Helping Skills Can You

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What interpersonal helping skills can you use to decrease the chances that you will be involved in dangerous situations with clients? Interpersonal helping skills that can be used to decrease dangerous situations include effective communication skills, showing empathy and acting and speaking in a way that makes the client feel comfortable, and listening to the client. In addition, by addressing issues a client has beforehand can help to diffuse or prevent violence and being prepared when meeting with clients can also decrease the likelihood of something occurring. Of course, things can happen that are unexpected, however, being aware of the escalation of violence can help a social worker to approach the situation that is less likely to provoke violence and having training and classes can help a social worker to learn how to use appropriate skills and precautions to help decrease their chances of being involved in violent or dangerous situations. What kinds of high-risk clients are you likely to encounter in your practicum? How will you prepare yourself to deal with them? In the nursing home facility types of high-risk clients could include clients with dementia and others that suffer from mental illness or other medical impairments. In orientation it is required for all employees and staff to have six hours of dementia training among other types of health and safety such as handwashing, information about blood borne pathogens, and a tuberculosis test is required to
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