What Is 11-Month-Old Child

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“Mommy, you are always on your computer!”

Is it true that my children observe my passion for technology? Yes, it is correct. However, are they accurate to conclude that using my electronic device consumes the 24 hours of my day? No, they are not. The generalizing term, always, omits my other interests, responsibilities, and ways of living. Therefore, I often coach my children to know the importance of several generalizing terms (all, none, everyone, never, always), but to not allow those terms to exhaustively classify people or things into a broad statement.
This same concept of generalizations, that I choose to focus on, impacts the analysis of human development. For instance, research and theory that came from the middle-class communities
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6) would seem preposterous to American culture. Modeling that behavior to equip an 11-month-old infant in America with the same dangerous tool would easily receive an evaluation of parental neglect and child endangerment; or, having such tools visibly planted in a home is a poor indicator of a childproof household. The emphasis on the word dangerous shows variation in culture from my Americanized perspective on parenting. In the instance that I enter a home and observe a baby crawling towards a machete, it would cause me to realize that people have cultural practices that are atypical to practices I am used to, which Rogoff defines as “culture shock” (Rogoff, 2003, p. 13). I can also make an inference that one’s reaction from culture shock, if not carefully calculated, can offend the citizens within the culture. For instance, running to prevent the baby from reaching the machete may not gain a favorable response from the people in that…show more content…
That tunnel vision becomes emblematic of a larger problem, that a select group of people have the solution to gauging development. As a result, how can I avoid the same mishap as the Indians invited in 1744 by the commissioners from Virginia to send boys to William and Mary College (Rogoff, 2003, p. 22)? While the children received education in that climate, upon their return to their region, their new acquisition of book smart was inadequate for what they needed to survive. It makes me question the value of education. Furthermore, it cautions me to avoid placing my doctrine of education upon my students, with no consideration of culture and environment, to the point where what they receive in the classroom has no weight in their real
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