What Is 2.2 Effective Dose Estimate?

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2.2 Effective Dose Estimate The annual effective dose, HE (Sv/y), due to inhalation for smokers adults is estimated according to the following equation [8]: HE = 0.75 x MT x Ci x F (1) where MT (kg/y) refers to the annual amount (in mass) of tobacco consumed, Ci (Bq/kg) refers to the concentration of the ith radionuclide in the tobacco, and F (Sv/Bq) refers to the dose conversion factor. The factor (0.75) in Equation (1) means that the fraction of the radionuclide activity concentration that is recovered from cigarette tobacco to cigarette smoke is 75 %, as on the average, which is partially inhaled and deposited in the lung
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