What Is 3.1 Business Law Assignment

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Business Law Assignment 3.1
Task 1 A fixture is defined as an asset that is fixed or installed to land or building so as to become a fundamental part of that land or building. An item is deemed to be fixed to property or building if it is permanently attached to the structure using bolts, screws, nails, or cement. Fixtures are intended to serve a particular purpose. For example, shelves are fixtures intended to assist with proper arrangements of items in a shop (Aalberts, 2015). In the case of Goodprice Pty Ltd, the new extractor fans to be installed by the tenant in his restaurant would be considered as fixtures. The fans would be fixed on the ceiling, possibly with the help of bolts and screws. Besides, they would have a purpose: to prevent the ceiling from smoke damage. Their removal might also damage the ceiling, which is part of the building (Beaty, Samuelson and Bredeson, 2013). At the end the 5 year tenancy period, the restaurant tenant will have the right remove the extractor fans. The tenant holds removal rights since he installed them at the request of the landlord. Moreover, the
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They are supposed to protect tenants against any interference with their usual chores within the property. Neither the landlord nor his agents should disturb the tenant’s possession and enjoyment of the property (McQueen, 2013). In the case of Goodprice Pty Ltd and the restaurant leasing, the landlord has committed to protecting the restaurant tenant against competition that would negatively impact his business. The owner planned to ensure the quiet enjoyment for the tenant by not leasing, renting or occupying any part of the Shopping Center for the consumption of food or drinks. He, in other words, had committed to creating monopoly for the restaurant tenant as a way of ensuring quiet enjoyment of the property within the Shopping

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