What Is A Broken Family

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Chapter 1
What is a family? A family consists of a father, mother and children. The father is responsible for the living of the family, he is the one who will work hard and will make everything just to possibly give the needs and wants of his family while the mother is responsible in taking care of her family. She is the light of the house. She is always there for everyone. She is the most understanding person that you’ll ever know. She had lots of sacrifices just to make her family in a better way. The children are the greatest blessings from above. They are the ones who give joy and enlighten the family. Even if bearing and taking care of children is hard, it is surely worth it because every blessing has its purpose and these blessings are the most important thing in the world. That is what the culture teaches us. Family is defined as the most precious thing in the world. They will always be there for you no matter what happen. Family is always there in every ups and downs also they are always there through thick and thin. Your family is your home.
But what if something is
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Even if they it is already impossible to continue staying one roof, at least give some credit to the children because they are the most affected people in the situation. In this way, if there are understandings between the families, those people who are stereotyping about broken families will change their perception. Forgiveness and reconciliation are one of the greatest things on the universe and this is what broken family is needed to do. It is the key for every family to be only separated but not broken. Friendships will be the last shot for the parents and in this way, children will be happy to see them and they will not feel broken. Family means Father And Mother I Love You. If there is love, there will always be forgiveness. Parents should talk about not only for themselves but also for the sake of their
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